An ad from the Wisconsin Alliance for Reform criticized a ruling by Judge Joanne Kloppenburg for granting a new hearing to a person convicted of sexual assault. The ad drew a “Mostly False” rating from PolitiFact Wisconsin, “[f]or a statement that contains an element of truth but ignores critical facts that would give a different impression.” 1

“We’ve heard it before: Liberal judges letting criminals off on technicalities.…Tell Judge Kloppenburg courts should protect children, not criminals.”

“Technicalities,” paid for by Wisconsin Alliance For Reform. Copyright 2016, Kantar Media/CMAG.


An ad by the Center for Individual Freedom accused Justice Jim Kitchens of “siding with child predators.” The ad highlighted a case in which Kitchens called for a criminal defendant to receive a new trial because of the ineffectiveness of his appointed attorney. The ad did not note that the entire Mississippi Supreme Court ruled in favor of the defendant in that case, granting him an evidentiary hearing on his claims, just short of the new trial Kitchens would have granted. 2

“On our Supreme Court, Jim Kitchens is putting criminals ahead of victims.”

“Stand Up for Victims,” paid for by the Center for Individual Freedom. Copyright 2016, Kantar Media/CMAG.

North Carolina

North Carolina Families First attacked Justice Bob Edmunds for his role in a decision upholding North Carolina’s congressional districts against claims it was an illegal racial gerrymander. A federal court later found the districts discriminated against the state’s black voters, a ruling affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court. One ad focused on a district it called “The Snake” based on its shape, as a snake slithered across the screen.

“Justice Bob Edmunds…wrote the decision supporting his party’s discrimination.”

“Redistricting,” paid for by North Carolina Families First. Copyright 2016, Kantar Media/CMAG.


An ad aired by Kansans for Justice showed photos of defendants who had been convicted of murder and sentence to death and stamped the word “OVERTURNED” over each image. The ad characterized the justices on the Kansas Supreme Court as having “repeatedly pervert[ed] the law to side with murderers and rapists.” The ad instructed viewers to “STAND WITH VICTIMS,” and “vote NO on the Kansas Supreme Court.”

“The Kansas Supreme Court has chosen sides. They repeatedly pervert the law to side with murderers and rapists.”

“Stand with Victims,” paid for by Kansans for Justice. Copyright 2016, Kantar Media/CMAG.


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