Amendment 5, originally introduced as HJR 7111, was one among several measures put forward in the Florida legislature in a campaign spearheaded by then-House Speaker Dean Cannon to remake the judiciary. None of the other measures advanced to the ballot:

  • HJR 7111: Constitutional amendment to split the Supreme Court into separate criminal and civil divisions and give the legislature increased power over the appointment process. An amended version of this bill, which eliminated the court-splitting measure, was ultimately passed and presented to voters as Amendment 5.
  • HJR 1097: Constitutional amendment to end merit selection for judges and replace it with governor appointments and Senate confirmation.
  • HJR 7025: Constitutional amendment to repeal the Supreme Court’s power to adopt rules for practice and procedure, which would instead be adopted by the legislature.
  • HB 7027: Creates a judicial conference made up of the Chief Justice and several chief judges and gives it broad oversight over the state’s judiciary.
  • HJR 7037/SJR 1704: Constitutional amendment to make documents related to complaints and investigations of the Judicial Qualifications Commission publicly available.
  • HJR 7039: Constitutional amendment to require that justices receive 60 percent of the vote in order to survive a retention election, up from 50 percent.
  • HB 7101: Repeals existing state judicial nominating commissions and replaces them with new commissions selected entirely by the governor, with no input from the state bar.